a shared knowledge for good

We believe that our education platform on the Great Anatomy have the power
to transcend boundaries and transform our society.

Our Values


We are driven by our belief in the power of shared knowledge and skills training to empower the doctors for the qualified medical practice based on our Anatomy and clinical curriculum.

World Class Knowledge

We are pursuing the world class knowledge sharing in the field of clinical anatomy based on my career and publications.


We open our online platform to every doctor who wants to get theess world class anatomy knowledge for the satisfactory clinical outcomes.

Mission Statement

GA(Great Anatomy) is a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to making it possible for anyone, to study anything, anywhere, at any time, for online, at any subject lever of Anatomy. Through our mission we are a catalyst for positive medical environment change, creating opportunity, prosperity, and equality for everyone whom works for medical industries.

Wan Gyu, Kim