DDS, PhD, Professor

Hee-Jin Kim

Anatomically, the face is the most complicated structure of the human body. Especially, the structure of facial muscles including nerves and vessels is very variable and has the racial differences. Recently, the importance on the facial anatomy has been reconsidered as the interest on the facial aesthetics is increasing. The aesthetic physicians and experts should understand the anatomy of the facial musculature. Through this basic anatomy course, we would like to share the basic anatomy of the face and neck and the individual variations of the face related to minimally-invasive procedures for the safe and efficient clinical applications.

Division in Anatomy & Developmental Biology, Department of Oral Biology
Yonsei University College of Dentistry, Seoul, Korea
Director / Brain Korea 21 FOUR Project, Department of Applied Life Science ( Editor-in-Chief / Anatomy and Cell Biology (ACB, Associate Editor / Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy (Europe, Associate Editor / Clinical Anatomy (USA, Associate Editor / European J of Anatomy Vice President / Korean Academy of Dental Science ( Vice President / Korean University Archery Association President / GALAA (Global Association of Leaders in Aesthetics and Anatomy) ( President / Korean Academy of the history of Dentistry President / Korea Student Cycling Federation (



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